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News Today on channel 13: I can't Pay for Flash!

2009-08-27 19:31:06 by Hairybones

Idon't know how about 40 billion users here can pay for flash! It is a really hard thing to buy. If anyone knows about a free version of Adobe CS4, let me know. I want it straght off the Adobe site! I have 500 dollars but the program is another 200 dollars! Where am I gonna get that kinda money?


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2009-09-01 12:52:23

Ok, i will do a new trance for you. Wait PLZ!


2009-09-19 21:22:34

Time is of the essence maaaan. Every second that passes without you useing flash is a second lost for practicing flash. But if you'd like for me to tell you how to get free stuff just PM me.

Hairybones responds:

Free? As in, It's by Adobe and it's on the Adobe webpage and it is free and it's legal. Or is it on some torrent site free and you have no clue if it's by adobe or legal?


2009-09-20 20:06:05

Lol in that case, I have no idea. I purchased all my music equipment and software. Then I found torrents... which I use to download free music by people who allow it. I don't download anything illegal.