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The best of the best...

2010-10-15 15:56:01 by Hairybones

After long, hard hours of figuring out FL studio 9 (Ok, I just played around with it), The song 'Launching...' (,Intended to be called 'launch',) was born. this is the first song that I'm actually proud of (Let's admit it, Chillz was horrible). Other than that, I'll be working on a new song this weekend. So listen to 'Launching...' and enjoy what comes in the future...


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Music Series "MID 2 MP3"

2009-10-27 19:22:10 by Hairybones

[scroll] Cool! [/scroll]

My first Ever real peice of music is complete and it sounds great!

Ok Guys

2009-09-25 18:34:40 by Hairybones

Ok guys. My last update was answered and... well, most of the answers sucked. So I just found a flash-to-powerpoint converter. So I can use PP (powerpoint) and then switch it to flash so I can post it here.

Idon't know how about 40 billion users here can pay for flash! It is a really hard thing to buy. If anyone knows about a free version of Adobe CS4, let me know. I want it straght off the Adobe site! I have 500 dollars but the program is another 200 dollars! Where am I gonna get that kinda money?